2.2. V Model

V Model is a development process with better mapping and sequential way of product development. You may read more about it in Wikipedia.


Basically, it means:

  • Specify/Document test scenarios as early as possible. Map them back to the original requirements.

  • When we map test scenarios back to the Requirements, the Requirements get clearer.

  • If its specified, eventually, it will definitely get implemented. And since it is implemented, it will get tested.

  • But still, tests are implemented after development.

  • Any late change in development implementation will also have a cascading effect on the test implementation.

  • V Model promotes a process of Vertical Traceability and Horizontal traceability.

  • Vertical Traceability:
    • Each higher level requirement is broken further down to lower level requirement(s).

  • Horizontal Traceability:
    • And, each requirement (at a given level) has a corresponding test at the same level.


As we see in V Model — Practice, there is more than what meets the eye.