2.4. Improved approach as compared to V Model

The issues that we saw seen during Waterfall Model is fixed by V Model.

But, V Model is still sequential in nature. Using TDD (Test Driven Development), we can do few things ahead of time, and potentially speed up at-least the test development cycle.

2.5. TDD (Test Driven Development)


For TDD, we write tests before the development stage. That way, tests are implemented before / during actual development.

This can lead to faster product development cycle. As seen in Waterfall Model, the tests were implemented at a much later stage and it was a delaying things.

In theory, this is how such a process happens:

  1. Write & Implement New Tests

  2. Mostly, everything must fail. (Since no implementation is present)

  3. Add new implementation.

  4. Make new tests pass. And ensure old tests do not fail. And thus, we keep adding new features without breaking old features.

  5. Repeat from Step 1