Approach of this book

This book takes a practical approach for learning C/C++ Software Build Systems:

1) Learn along with source code

The source code explained in this book is available to you. You are encouraged to use this code and try yourself. You are also strongly encouraged to make modifications to the supplied source code and see yourself the impact of those changes.

2) Bit-by-bit

Rather than taking a Big Bang approach and putting all the concepts directly on the lap of the reader, this book tries to cover each concept slowly and gradually. [1]

3) Simple. But not too simple

I have tried to keep the source code simple so that you can focus on aspects of building and not on Software. Pretty much same as someone would use Lorem Ipsum for typography. But, if there is no complexity in the software, there would be hardly anything to be covered by this book.

To solve that dilemma, this book takes the reader through very basic steps of compilation than to further advanced steps in C/C++ Software Build Systems. As and when needed, the complexity in compilation has been increased incrementally to cover wider scenarios.

4) Live code. Live book. Working Code

Rest assured that the code mentioned/used in this book is compiling and working. Ther is a dedicated framework/build system used to create this book. This book is generated directly from actual source code and what you see is the actual output, after and actual build, from the actual source code shown/referred in this book. Your results may very based on your installation and setup, but atleast you can have a fair comfort knowing that you are using/referring a working code.